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« on: January 01, 2019, 04:48:15 PM »
It was the afternoon of an autumn season and Little Teddy was in the forest collecting firewood for dinner. The leaves were falling from the trees as they go into a winter rest, grandma had always told him that’s the significant reason why it’s called fall. Teddy bent down to pick up a piece of wood when he heard a strange voice. The voice was bleak and almost inaudible, he decided to ignore it.
   ‘I must be imagining things.’ He thought to himself.
   He tried picking the wood up again and he heard the voice again a lot more clearly this time. ‘Help.’
   From the corner of his eyes, he saw a little creature the size of a young rat scurrying towards him. At first, he thought it was a rat and tries to chase it off but there was something strange about this creature that probed his curiosity. He dropped down on one knee and looked down at the creature. Although it was quite small he had the body of a dragon, Teddy has never seen a dragon before but the creature matches the description he has heard. Shouldn’t dragons be a lot bigger? Teddy wondered but that wasn’t the most surprising thing about this creature; that would be its long, glowing fairy wings, it’s wings were so long that they trailed behind it. Teddy stared in amazement; he had never seen anything like this before.
   ‘Help.’ The creature repeated.
   Teddy wasn’t all too surprised that this creature could speak to him. One look at it and one could tell it was something out of the extraordinary. ‘Are you in trouble, little fella?’ Teddy asked.
   The little guy nodded its tiny heads and waved his head sideways anxiously for Teddy to see the threat. Up ahead, three large men armed with axes and a large net were pacing around the forest, they seem to be searching for something.
   ‘Are they looking for you?’ Teddy asked and the little fella nodded.
   Teddy hastily picked it up from the ground and concealed it inside his coat. The scary looking men approached and Teddy picked up his woods to go.
   ‘Hey you, little boy.’ One of them called after him. ‘Have you seen a pesky little---eh --- rat?’ He asked.
   ‘No.’ Teddy said.
   ‘Alright then scurry away.’ He yelled.
   Teddy ran off excitedly, he couldn’t wait to meet his grandma and his friends and show them this magical creature. How shocked they would be.
   ‘Where are we going?’ The creature asked.
   ‘We’re heading home. I can’t wait to show you to all my friends.’ Teddy replied.
   ‘No!’ The creature yelled.
   Teddy stopped and removed the little fella from his coat. ‘What’s wrong?’ He asked while holding him on his right hand. ‘Don't you want to go home with me?’
   ‘I want to go home.’ It replied emotionally. Teddy could tell that it was referring to its own home and not his.
   ‘Where is your home?’ He asked.
   ‘My home is deep in the woods. We used to live in a magical place in the forest, filled with tasty, lush green leaves and beautiful springs.’
   ‘You mean there are others like you?’ Teddy asked.
   ‘Yes, my dad, mom… my family. Us fairy dragons, used to live together in perfect harmony.’ He said sadly.
   Fairy Dragon, so that’s what they’re called. ‘What happened to them?’ Teddy asked.
   ‘The greedy humans came and destroyed everything. They found out about the magic in our wings and they wanted it for themselves.’
   ‘What magic does your wing possess?’ Teddy asked.
   ‘Our wings give us special abilities that no other animal has. One of such is the ability to communicate with humans. The humans want to use the magic in our wings to create a youth potion that will make them immune to death.’ It said.
   ‘Is that possible?’ Teddy asked.
   ‘No it’s not possible but the humans are willing to kill each one of us for their wild intent. They’ve killed all my brothers and destroyed our home. Now we have nowhere to go.’
   ‘Where are the rest of your families?’
   ‘They have been captured. They stormed on us and caught us off guard; their nets had a magical hold to it that stops us from breaking away.’
   ‘You said that your fairy wing gives you special abilities. What special abilities do you have?’ Teddy asked.
   ‘Let me down and I’ll show you.’ The little guy said and Teddy placed it on the ground. ‘Now step back a little bit.’ It said, and Teddy drew back from it, wondering what it was going to do. ‘A little bit more.’ It said and Teddy drew back even more and then the creature’s wing began to glow and his body started to grow.
   Teddy yelped in shock as the little creature had grown into a large winged-beast, twice as big as any elephant Teddy had ever seen. A dragon!
   ‘This is my true form.’ The creature said before transforming back into a mini size.
   ‘How did you do that?’ Teddy asked.
   ‘My fairy wings allows me to have that ability; to change my size. That was how I escaped from the humans who held us in bondage.’ It said. ‘Pardon me for it seems we haven’t been formally introduced. I’m Shaux.’
   ‘I’m Teddy.’
   ‘Teddy, I need your help to rescue my family. I know where they are being held but I can’t break the magical net binding them, only a human can. That’s why I need you to come with me.’
   ‘Where is the place?’ Teddy asked.
   ‘Come I’ll show you. It’s not far from here. We just have to take the secret route.’ Shaux said, and then he ran off and Teddy followed after him.
   Soon they arrived at the secret entrance which led them to Shaux’s home. The place was completely wrecked and the leaves had withered away.
   ‘Look what they’ve done to our home.’ Shaux said, and then he showed Teddy where his families were being held.
   Teddy could see a horde of fairy dragons bonded in a net ahead of them. There were humans with axes and swords patrolling the area. Teddy would have to be sneaky to get over there. He crawled on his hands, hiding behind the shrubs and jumping behind a tree every now and then till he reached the bonded creatures. Teddy lifted the net and sets the creatures loose. The men gasped in shock as the creatures spawn free and charged at them. They tried escaping through the exit but Shaux had transformed into its huge self and was now blocking their way.
   The creatures bashed them with their wings and send them flying off in the air. Those guys won’t be coming back that’s for sure. Teddy thought with a smile.
   ‘Thank you for your help, my friend.’ Shaux said. ‘Now we have to leave for our new home but I hope we’ll meet again. Farewell.’
   Shaux’ wing glowed and everything went bright. Teddy suddenly found himself standing in front of their barn house. Oh my! What an adventure. What would his friends say when they hear about this? A fairy dragon, a talking creature with a magical wing that allows it to change its size… They obviously won’t believe him…… or will they?
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